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New client s out you can download in client section
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 Read before posting

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PostSubject: Read before posting   Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:24 pm

This board is for reporting users that require more proof to be banned, otherwise please use the in-game "report abuse" button.

Be sure to use this format when posting a report below,
Please copy and paste this below format and fill in the blanks

User Breaking Rules:
Name here:
Proof Pictures & Videos are the most helpful:
Date & Time that this occurred:
Other Information:

You must post proof,
Without proof the user will not be banned.

If you have time to take a video and/or picture and upload it to a site like and post the link of the image on the post you made, that would be great!

Also, please do not spam this section! Only post if you have other evidence, and know anymore information.

Evidence has to include a user who was also at the scene, to prove that the image you have taken is legit and not edited!

We just don't need comments like:

* Wow well done!
* Nice catch!
* What a noob!
* He/she deserves ban!

And etc and etc... Those stuffs are just NOT needed.

Players that doesn't follow this rule will get warned/muted.
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Read before posting
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