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New client s out you can download in client section
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 General FAQs

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PostSubject: General FAQs   Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:14 pm

Dear Members,

Below are some FAQs listen and more will be updated soon

1.I am banned/hostbanned, what can I do?

Appeal your banishment in the 'Ban Appeal' section, make sure you use the correct format.

2.I've lost my password somehow, what should I do?

You can recover your account by providing us 1st password or some screen shots of your account when it was created.

3.How do I become an FinalRages Moderator?

First you have to submit an application in application section then if you get chosen there will be a poll listen and our members will have a vote who ever wins will be promoted.

4.Do FinalRage staff send out emails?

No, we will never ever send E-Mails and if you have recieved an email asking fo your account details please report to our staff or post in report section.

5.I've been hacked/scammed, can you get my items back?

Sorry, but the only way you can get your items back is if you have evidence. If you are in this position contact a Moderator or Administrator in-game to explain your problem.

6.Sometimes Moderatos ignore me, why?

There are two reasons why they could be ignoring you; one being that they are very busy with somebody else's problem, the second one being that your question is idiotic/stupid or doesn't need answering so please think before contacting them.

7.My client does not seem to be working why?

You must have the latest version of Java.

For more AQAs visit the link
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General FAQs
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