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 Forum and Server Rules

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PostSubject: Forum and Server Rules   Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:41 pm

Dear Members,


1.No Advertising anything at any point if catched you will be banned.

2.You must not use offensive language against other players because we have under age players if cought you will be warned.

3.Do not ask anyone else to break any rules that can cause you a warning.

4.Do not use auto talker faster then 4 secs if cought you will be muted

5Do not try scamming or hacking any players if cought you will recieve a host ban no matter what excuse you provide.


I would like to inform you that you must follow rules below no matter what.

So please RESPECT this section and follow all rules.

The forum rules were updated on 11/06/2010 and shall be enforced on new posts and threads immediately thereafter.

If any rules are broken, the punishment depends on the severity and repeat offenses, generally you will first receive a series of warnings. Then you may eventually if you brake again, you may either be muted - which means all posting privileges are revoked - or even banned, meaning you cannot access the forum at all.


You must respect your fellow forum members, as well as moderators and administrators. Constructive criticism and feedback is allowed, however, flaming, insulting, being rude, swearing, etc. are not.

Inappropriate content

As we are a forum for people of all ages, content must be restricted. Therefore, we do not allow the posting of pornographic or indecent images or videos (this includes inside your avatars and signatures). Links to pornographic or indecent sites are not permitted. If in doubt as to whether something is suitable, check with a moderator or administrator first!

Keep the discussion only about FinalRage in these forums

Spamming/thread titles

Thread titles must be relevant to the thread. Spamming, such as short answers or posting gibberish, is not permitted. Double posting is not allowed - instead, edit your post! Remember to keep your replies on-topic.

Ignoring staff members

If a member of staff warns you and continue breaking rules, this is an offence and you will be punished.

You can also Bump your thread only every 24 hours.

Thread Types

In this section the threads that are created should be ONLY related to server

Posting in different languages

As the moderation is all done in English, posting in different languages is generally not permitted unless an accurate translation to English is also given. This is so we know people are not talking about subjects which are against the rules.

Advertising other websites

Avertising any other website is NOT ALOUD if you get cought you will be banned straight away.

Note: If any staff member catches you not following rules you will be warned and if you not follow them again you will recieve last warning and if you choose not to follow again you will be banned and stay banned.

If any staff member wishes to edit rules you can.
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Forum and Server Rules
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